Monday, October 17, 2011

Lifetime Commitment

Highly inspired by reading the experience from my 'senior'. they are all awesome, losing 1 kg per week is too easy for them who really stick to the diet plan but as for me, it'll much better if I can loose 0.5 kg per week. 

Went through all story, I feel like I'm the one without motivation to keep saying I want to loose weight but still aren't able to be like them. Pity me. 

This is the story story 1story 2 and many more available to boost your confidence level to loose weight. I found out everybody kept mentioning about breakfast and yes it is, the start of your day will be the consequences for the rest of the day. 

Then don't ever skip meals, eat less amount but frequent meals about 6 times daily. most of the time, include fruit and vegetables as the sources of fibre, will help our digestion a lot. say hello to fruits and vege, this is my hardest part. i rarely took vegetables especially green vege which is very good. easier said I hate them but now, trying hard to just swallow it. i once replace them with Nestle Yogurt Drink and thanks to them, toilet had been my second room ever :) but it's better to do it naturally.

Don't ever ignore the plain water. it'll be much help for us to increase our metabolic rate and eliminate toxic as well. Don't ever laugh seeing me running to the toilet. it's my passion to drink plain water and I can even drink up to 3 to 4 litre daily hahaha and toilet had been my good buddy again, thanks to them. 

So far, that's the only way I can think of right now and I'm doing it happily, without any restrictions to eat and control my eating behavior. not to forget, I reduce amount of rice to the point I'll never feel full after eating *10 mouthful, but drink up 2 glasses of plain water before that will help much. 

I don't think I wanna go to gym  so I'll just go to jog 3 to 4 times a week. and do a lot of cycling after that *using outdoor gym instrument of course, that's all.

I inspired Kevin Zahari for his awesome and amazing way to help people especially this reasons for not loosing weight. To see the weighing scale to move even a needle will turn me into a happiest or saddest. but since two weeks *I bought the scale since that, the needle kept pointing to 49-48-49 hahahaha to see it turn 45, in my dream.! 
I wish you will be one like him one day love.! and holding my kids like this as well.

But I kept challenge myself and I'm sure I'll be doing it in my way, even it'll take time. as previously, I did loose about 5kg from previous, 53kg in 4 months. Slow progress right.? nevermind, as long as I try. Thanks Kevin, I found my way. Wish me luck everybody. 

I really love this saying, being healthy is a lifetime commitment.
assalamualaikum semua :)

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