Saturday, August 13, 2011

Special Kid

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I remember back then, someone once told me this story and I just can't help to laugh. Today thinking about it again make me realize things wasn't that lucky for them to be that way. Regret, my bad. 

Went to various places and met up people made me thought and how they taught me to be who I am now *sort of thinking and keep thinking about experience is the best teacher, still.

Teacher in primary school sure will ask students, what is your ambition or what do you wanna be when you grow up. even on first day at school during the first period*introduction session

Most will give cliche answers, doctor engineer lawyer. Kinda annoying once you asked a small kid he replied using their sign language *special student, hearing impaired and speech disorder, saying he wanna be M.Y.D.I.N. *worker at Mydin Mall, salesgirl whatsoever.

What the.....

Went thru his profile, stated there his parents occupation. *sigh T_T 

No more annoying instead you will end up shedding tears and crying like a cry baby once you know how they are influenced by their role model, their parent that they do not have a better ambition. Never blame them for choosing the job that they think most suit their disability, like their parents did.

Pity them. Show them the right path, as a teacher at least for a brighter future or else they will end up continue their "family business". they can be better, even can be a teacher that will teach one with special need like them.

Palmnote : When my child is asked by their teacher, at that time I hope they will be able to answer "I want to be an audiologist, teacher. Just like my mom did ^_^


  1. Sorang budak ni,tanye nk jd ape then dia jwb, nk keja mydin. mase tu cikgu dia a.k.a kakak aku mrh gile. aku lak gelak sakan dgr crite tu.

    then bru aku pikir dh dia tgk parent dia 'berjaya' besa kan dia n jaga dia dgn keja mydin, dia pun nk jd camtu lah. environment factor, xleh salahkan dia gak. tu yg aku sedih sgt pulak jadinye :D

    ni kes grammar tunggang tebalik smpa xsmapai story nye haha

  2. btw, mmg sedih cerita ni jaja.. tp tu la... impian zaman kecik nk jd dokter, tp terbabas jadi engineer pulak.. hehehehe takpe la.. jaja, study smart k.. another 1 year kan?