Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Notification for him THERE

the notification for someone birthday came out that day. 6th June 2011. It's weird to see all those wishes weren't how they supposed to be. why were they saying al-fatihah instead of happy birthday or other beautiful wishes on such a beautiful day for someone... 

curiousity turn me to the most sad-est stalker when I went through all the post until I found out the truth, the account now have no owner. the owner left the account as a medium for his friends to send him the pray and wishes when he is no longer in the world where his friends can never communicate with him at all. 

Alfatihah for the late Mr.Zainuddin who I'll never have the chance to talk to or even know any single thing about him but I know how people constantly posted on his wall as a way out when thought of him come and how they were hoping for their friends to hear what they wanna say. how they wish he was around with them. how they stop by at his wall once a while shedding their tears just to remember how lucky they were to have him once with them.

I just can't help but tears coming down my cheek when I read those ;

"Missing you terribly that people might think we had something going - the truth is, it was a friendship of the greatest understanding of things that needs to be understood!
Wherever you are I know that you are happy as you couldn't wait to go."

"hey u wherever you are .... she made it and all is wonderful, despite what happened the week before .... hope you r smiling at me in heaven!"

"wishing you were in this time and space but knowing you couldn't wait to move on! :)"

"‎"thank you God for giving me a beautiful life, for every single breathe, every single moment..."-ZIAl-Fatehah."

"Zi, semuga anda sentiasa di dalam keredhaan Allah. Wish You Were Here"

"wishing you were here ... plenty to share."

dude, went to SP. saw TGI where we used to partying during our good time. u r missed!!!!

"dude.. miss u old pren.wish you were around. hate log in to fb, takde org usik i dah!"

I can't imagine how his friends felt his absence when even I, as a stranger feel like I'd known him for a long time the way they were expressing their feelings towards him, how his warm-hearted squeeze into my soul. 

I hope when the day comes for me I can deactivate my fb account first and this bloq as well because I will be sad knowing nobody will do the same for me like Mr.Zainudin's friends did for him.


  1. walaupun tak kenal sapa Mr Zainudin. Alfatihah

    agak-agak ada tak orang nak ingat, rindu kita bile kita dah tak ada..time kita nak tiba (bila agaknya)

    cukup amalan? belum!

  2. boleh rs, arwah sorang yg baik sgt dpd doa2 dan ingatan kwn2 dia. sedih bace.

    insya allah, akan ada org doakan kita jugak bila kita xde. sbb tu kena ada ank yg soleh solehah utk doakan kita. kan kan? hehe :)