Friday, January 14, 2011


"where have you been mr.bean.?"

You know, you will forget things I'll never forget. it'd been a while since 2010. Too bad, finally realize that I am not just giving you the right to love me but the power to hurt me as well.

           every girls needs a bestfriend to help her laugh when all she could think is crying and crying. Too bad, she's me sayang....


  1. be strong my dear...if da time has came..n u think dat u have da right to choose...let your heart choose which da stay or to leave...u have da right to be happy...i know its hard to u but....i think u know which da best for u.

    to mr bean:..stop hurting my bff..

  2. Sy ingat mr bean ni orangnya kelakar..pandai jugak dia menyakitkan hati orang...tak patut.
    Well, who ever that have a heart of hurting you must be someone that blind in his heart. People always fail to plan but never plan to fail.
    Be strong as you should be.
    Salam santai dan keep in touch.

    to mr bean:.. stop hurting my bfffffff.. :-)

  3. zakiah~strong enough dah syg. sbb anda ada. mcm mne sy nk nanges dpn anda, wat malu je. kate hati kering huhu :)

    jomsantai~no doubt, plg kelakar n plg baek, dia lah. thanks anyway jadik bffffff kite tibe2 kihkihkih