Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome love

they said she resembles me a lot. thanks to my chubby face then i am just like baby face now. *proud myself haha
Nur Alia Qaleesya
si rambut pacak. handsome baby girl.
be a good daughter for your mom and dad lil cute
be ready to be bullied by your gengster brothers, akim and idin
lucky to have me to back them off 
thanks for coming into our life and colour them beautifully


  1. wah,t auntie lah g melawat deh!

  2. jgn lupa bwk uncle skali taw aunty :)

  3. wah sooo cute ! hehe

    sape ni anak sedara ke anak sendiri ni? :D

  4. anak akak la, anak sedare. anak sniri lmbt lg la huhu :P