Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exam week and die hard fan

I am afraid of getting depression during this hectic exam week then I decided to do this crazy thing then. going to a concert for the first time in my life 2 days before my final exam, awesome isn't it? thinking that I might never have this chance anymore I was like "peduli ape aku. dah seminggu aku study why not go for only few hours?" hahaha am I crazy enough to forget my notes and have fun there.? those who nodded ur head just now should see this first
we didn't forget a bunch of notes even we are eager enough to scream loud seeing our dream guy perform live.
 .explaining to myself why I have to read notes in that kind of place. btw, I love nasi kandar and this is where we were, lepaking at nasi kandar while waiting for concert, just near the Renaissance, where the concert will be.
this is what we call love at first sight.during his previous visit at mydinmall, kubang kerian. there I got free exclusive ticket for the concert at Renaissance Hotel.
again, I fall in love that make it love at second sight ahaha
crying inside listening to him singing meraung *used to be my fav song and never expect it still is
he was about 2metres in front me and i'm unconsciously screaming loud shouting 'TOMOKKKKKKKKK' can imagine? so buruk that I will never to that to any other man. consider him lucky enough haha
his sweet smiling face smiling in front of me made me out of control that I cant even fall asleep that night.
 back then, i regret this much when I come back I saw he is getting married with a 31-year-old stewardess. *sigh. can't you really tell a women with charming and the one without? I cry myself for days for my taken away groom-to-be. wuwuuwuuuu no doubt, will keep supporting you no matter what. love you shah indrawan. do come again eating nasi kak wok and yati ayam percik with me and you can bring along your ayu *i envy you


  1. nasi kandar just near the Renaissance...i know this place!!!!...T_T...down memory lane gtu...huhuhuhuuhuhu

  2. *tetibo dio plop eksaited lebih ahaha

  3. tempat kenangan ore kato..keh3...

  4. kenangan biar la kngan :)

    kah3 ado plop ore jeles ngn tomok. wuwuuu :)