Friday, November 26, 2010


assalamualaikum and hi hi all. for the purpose of daily update, not for the sake of updating. *sigh*

esok aku start keja. oh oh dont worry, keja aku still tak halang aku online sesuka hati even lagi buat aku bersemangat nak online kerana boring-macam-boleh-bikin-gilak. no doubt, keja aku memang online jela except for thirty second bila ada konon-konon-customer-datang rupanya orang sesat tanyakan jalan, 30 seconds for checking who is parking front door and go to the next door, 30 seconds or more go to the toilet, 30 minutes and more and more having lunch. most of the time, blogwalking, bloghoping, blogreading, blogvisiting, blog-sightseeing and blablabla. never forget checking facebook notifications and get over-excited when hear the buzz from yahoo messenger then feel irritated when no one i am waiting for appear in the list. 

till then, daa friends

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